Awards - Netherlands

Meet the three nominees for the Future Food Design Awards

The internationally renowned Future Food Design Awards jury was greatly impressed by the creativity and diversity of the applications. They had the difficult task to search for the three most innovative and disruptive designs for a culturally rich and sustainable food future. Out of 50 entries from 30 different countries, they selected the following three nominees.


Awards - The Netherlands

Who are we to judge?

The 2018 Future Food Design Awards are approaching fast. With the application deadline on 12th of August, here is another look at the six individuals who will be judging this year's awards: Clemens Driessen, Kees de Gooijer, Jolanda Nooijen, Pedro Reissig, LinYee Yuan and Marije Vogelzang. Overall, the goal of the Future Food Design Awards is to stimulate designers that have an important, remarkable and innovative perspective on the food system. Thereby establishing a better connection between the two worlds of food and design as well as promoting exchange and a more open attitude.