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People - Scotland

“It can be thought of as simply fuel or fetishised for pleasure.”

Steph Marsden enjoys thinking about, writing about and playing with her food. Not only a messy eater, she believes finding fun ways to play with our food (and our perceptions of food) is a great way to learn more about the complex nuances of what we eat, and its relation to culture, the environment and our global food system. Steph studied furniture design and cabinet making and has recently completed an MSc in Gastronomy at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She aims to further examine the connections between gastronomy, art and design through research and creative practice.


People - Netherlands

Efficiency, a Social Perspective and Food Dreams

Lotte Meeuwissen is a Dutch Food Designer based in Barcelona. She invents culinary interactions with a focus on the social nature of food. Lotte uses "play" as a tool to enable her audience to focus on means rather than ends, allowing people to try out new things, to revise, modify and explore. With her work she creates new social bonds, both with food as well as amongst people. We talked with Lotte about efficiency, a social perspective and food dreams.


People - South Africa

“The outcome is often quite sensitive, raw and emotional.”

Hannerie Visser grew up on a table grape farm in South Africa. Her mother and grandmother were both domestic science teachers. Today she designs and produces culinary experiences through her Cape Town-based company "Studio H". Hannerie’s driving force is to find solutions to challenges in the food system to ultimately contribute to a better and more sustainable world through food and design. Hannerie's "Studio H" is a culinary-minded design studio that creates experiences through the lens of food. In 2017 Hannerie founded her own food and culture magazine, "Chips!", which launched at the New York Food Book Fair. 2018 saw the launch of Studio H’s Future Food Report, published with samples in book format and accompanied by trend workshops. In the same year Hannerie founded "FOOD XX", a conference, awards and network dedicated to women in the food industry.


People - Berlin

“It was design that brought me to food.”

Xijing Xu is a Berlin-based designer from China. She helped develop “ChiTofu”, an Interdisciplinary Experimental Food Design Program in Hangzhou, China before starting her Masters at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. She graduated with a poetic and visionary project called "Wanderer" which combines textiles and milk fermentation. We talked to her about all things food, design and education.


Awards - Eindhoven

The Winner of the Future Food Design Awards

With a clear design backed up by thorough research, Adelaide Tam is the winner of this year’s Future Food Design Awards. Her project 0.9 Grams of Brass takes the only piece that is left over from the slaughter of a cow, the cartridge of the stun gun, and turns it into a mundane object, a paperclip. This paperclip costs exactly the same as the cartridge and leaves us wandering, what is the value of life within the meat industry? With her design she won the audience award, as well as the jury prize.


Projects - Eindhoven

The Food & Design Manifesto Event

The Food & Design Manifesto of The DIFD will kick-off at this year's Dutch Design Week. Make sure you are there to explore the question of “what design can do for food” together with us.

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