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Correspondent interview - Milan

Mad About Saffron

What if saffron was an experience? ‘Secret Saffron’ explores this question through analogue and digital technologies, using simple glass and porcelain tools for measuring saffron in the kitchen. The project was designed to be shown during Milan Design Week 2020. Our correspondent Yue Liu talks to Stefano Citi, co-founder of TourDeFork about creating an interactive food project in the middle of a pandemic.


Interview - California

Systems Change!

Sandeep Pahuja is a Director of Business Design with the food team at the global design company IDEO. He and his colleague Sarah Codraro have recently made a new eight-part podcast mini-series asking: How might we design better food systems? The result is a highly bingeable collection of amazing initiatives for transformation and transition. In an exclusive interview for The DIFD, Sandeep talks about the practicalities of systems change from within.


Exhibition Interview - On Tour

Edible Futures on Tour

Kamiel Vorwerk is the exhibition-designer of ‘Edible Futures’, a travelling exhibition curated by the Dutch Institute of Food & Design and presented by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It asks visitors to imagine what the future of food will look like, and what role each of us might play in changing it. The DIFD asked Kamiel about how being a designer who activates and transforms spaces helps people imagine and think about different futures in food.


Projects - The Netherlands

Hungry for Design

The Dutch Design Week was held virtually this year and the city of Eindhoven’s restaurants were forced to close too. So the city’s marketing department came up with the idea of putting six chefs together with six different designers and creating a mini series of cookery programmes with a difference.


Awards - Eindhoven

The Winner of the Future Food Design Awards

With a clear design backed up by thorough research, Adelaide Tam is the winner of this year’s Future Food Design Awards. Her project 0.9 Grams of Brass takes the only piece that is left over from the slaughter of a cow, the cartridge of the stun gun, and turns it into a mundane object, a paperclip. This paperclip costs exactly the same as the cartridge and leaves us wandering, what is the value of life within the meat industry? With her design she won the audience award, as well as the jury prize.


Projects - Eindhoven

The Food & Design Manifesto Event

The Food & Design Manifesto of The DIFD will kick-off at this year's Dutch Design Week. Make sure you are there to explore the question of “what design can do for food” together with us.