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People - Eindhoven

Inviting People to the Dinner Table Again

Louise Knoppert is a designer who aims to stimulate people's senses and create new experiences, improving people's lives through her design. Her designs are presented as smart and simple solutions through functional and ergonomic products. From "Animal Coffin," a biodegradable animal coffin, to "Opscheppen" a series of bowls that help children learn about food quantities, Louise has designed sensitive products for various target groups. She talked to us about her project "Proef," a series of tools for people who are medically prevented from enjoying meals in a social context, due to being fed through a feeding tube.


Projects - The Netherlands

“Only by sharing with others you can see growth.”

Timm Donke, Leif Czakai and Nathan Fordy are collectively known as Optimismus, a commercial and social design collaboration that develops creative strategies and creates collaborations. Working for non-profit organisations they manage to tackle big issues with small-scale but impactful actions. Optimismus were asked by Hivos International to design a project and platform for the Open Source Seeds System program. They came up with a new brand to support sharing systems for seeds as well as promoting biodiversity. We talked with Leif Czakai about OSSS, an upcoming brand of seed snacks - introducing a new taste that aims to become a global snack produced on a local scale and with local ingredients.


Event - South Africa

FOOD XX – a movement toward equality

The Times Up movement released a statistic recently: 1 in 5 executive chefs in the US are women. As a symptom of a gender imbalance in top roles in professional kitchens, out of the 30 nominees for South Africa’s Top Restaurant at the 2018 Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards, only 4 restaurants have a woman in the role of head chef. The 13% is made up of Chef Chantel Dartnall, Kayla-Ann Osborn, Hilde-Lee Olivier and Fernanda Cardoso.


People - Cyprus

Food, Fermentation and Design

Olivia Ioannou was born and raised in Cyprus. She studied design at Goldsmiths University in London (2014-17). After her studies, her interest for food lead her to volunteer on agroecological and organic farms in Spain in an effort to understand a bit more about the food chain through personal experience and practical learning. The methodologies developed through her projects have influenced her daily life, especially fermented foods and the processes used to create them. Returning to Cyprus has allowed her to seek out people in her home country who are looking to disrupt or simply question the conventional food supply chain, whether it is by living a lifestyle guided by permaculture principles or simply making as much as possible from scratch.


Awards - Eindhoven

The Winner of the Future Food Design Awards

With a clear design backed up by thorough research, Adelaide Tam is the winner of this year’s Future Food Design Awards. Her project 0.9 Grams of Brass takes the only piece that is left over from the slaughter of a cow, the cartridge of the stun gun, and turns it into a mundane object, a paperclip. This paperclip costs exactly the same as the cartridge and leaves us wandering, what is the value of life within the meat industry? With her design she won the audience award, as well as the jury prize.


Projects - Eindhoven

The Food & Design Manifesto Event

The Food & Design Manifesto of The DIFD will kick-off at this year's Dutch Design Week. Make sure you are there to explore the question of “what design can do for food” together with us.

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