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"Pasta tra parentesi" by Yue Liu



Exhibition - Dresden, Germany

Future Food

Unable to visit in person, our Germany correspondent Inés Lauber talked online to the curator Viktoria Krason from the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, about her current exhibition “Future Food. What will we eat tomorrow?”. This broad-ranging show considers how we can adapt to feed a global population under climate change; addresses appalling inequalities behind trade practices; looks at how choice can leave a bad taste in the mouth and puts interesting future food scenarios on the table.


Correspondent interview Projects - Scotland


The DIFD interviewed our Scotland correspondent Steph Marsden about how she used her lockdown time to expand on a project about individual eating, with your computer. Autodîneur is a computer-generated guide to an exploratory eating experience. Each time you visit you receive a new set of instructions to follow for a new kind of meal. The instructions help you use all your faculties to get messily in touch with your food.


Interview Reading Recommendation - South Korea

Magazine F

Magazine F is a bimonthly food documentary magazine co-created by Magazine B and Baemin publishing in South Korea. This magazine helps capture a multi-faceted perspective on food, by diving into an ingredient's journey – from the origin to the table. Our Finland & Korea correspondent Su Hyun Park spoke to the magazine's editor-in-chief Eunsung Park, editorial director Sojeong Jeong and marketing manager Hyunjoo Kim, for us.


Correspondent interview - Milan, Italy

Food culture is about food choices

Yue Liu is a Milan-based designer from China. Her childhood painting experience and academic studies in Product Design have built her design identity. Four years ago she dove into the world of food invited by one of her friends, to participate in a food project about tofu culture. From there she found food — the subject that has also guided her research for her Master’s degree in Product Design for Innovation at Politecnico di Milano. In Yue Liu's opinion, food and design is not only about creating new things, but also recovering those food cultures of value from the past and let them relive in the present, and take part in our future.


Awards - Eindhoven

The Winner of the Future Food Design Awards

With a clear design backed up by thorough research, Adelaide Tam is the winner of this year’s Future Food Design Awards. Her project 0.9 Grams of Brass takes the only piece that is left over from the slaughter of a cow, the cartridge of the stun gun, and turns it into a mundane object, a paperclip. This paperclip costs exactly the same as the cartridge and leaves us wandering, what is the value of life within the meat industry? With her design she won the audience award, as well as the jury prize.


Projects - Eindhoven

The Food & Design Manifesto Event

The Food & Design Manifesto of The DIFD will kick-off at this year's Dutch Design Week. Make sure you are there to explore the question of “what design can do for food” together with us.