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Essay - Copenhagen

Future of Food Report: Copenhagen 2035 (2/2)

Inspired by the five Future Food Scenarios ideated during MOLD’s Summit on Intimate Food Interfaces, product designer Kaii Tu thought about what a day in Copenhagen would look like sixteen years from now. He wrote a first-person “day in the life” report set in the Danish capital in 2035, accompanied by speculative designs illustrating artefacts and interactions from the future. From 'Digital Amphoras' which print out seeds from the past, to eating for experimental enjoyment; Copenhagen 2035 will have a lot to offer.


Event - Denmark

Future of Food Report: Copenhagen 2035 (1/2)

On September 5th 2018, a group of food visionaries, from scientists to chefs coming from cities as diverse as New York and Shanghai to local Danish creatives, gathered at MOLD’s summit on Intimate Food Interfaces. Hosted at Space10, IKEA’s future-living lab located in the heart of Copenhagen’s meatpacking district, the summit explored the sensorial opportunities at the intersection of food and technology. The following article is an opinion piece exploring the relationships and tensions between themes that arose in the future food systems ideated during the Summit written by our Food, Empathy and Design correspondent Lotte Meeuwissen. 


Exhibition - Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein

Food Shaping Kyoto

Our Japan correspondent Chieri Higa wrote about the Vitra exhibition "Food Shaping Kyoto" about Japanese food culture, exhibited at Weil am Rhein during Art Basel. She is currently finishing her research residency in Okinawa with her grandmother, learning the traditional recipes, ingredients and ways of cooking of the old Ryukyu kingdom, and its changes up to present day.


Event - Amsterdam

A La Mano

Anastasia Eggers, our Russia correspondent, found herself in Amsterdam last month to participate in one of Giulia Soldati's unique 'A La Mano' dinners, where cutlery is disposed of and guests‘ hands come into play. For us she tried to translate the sensorial experience into words.


Awards - Eindhoven

The Winner of the Future Food Design Awards

With a clear design backed up by thorough research, Adelaide Tam is the winner of this year’s Future Food Design Awards. Her project 0.9 Grams of Brass takes the only piece that is left over from the slaughter of a cow, the cartridge of the stun gun, and turns it into a mundane object, a paperclip. This paperclip costs exactly the same as the cartridge and leaves us wandering, what is the value of life within the meat industry? With her design she won the audience award, as well as the jury prize.


Projects - Eindhoven

The Food & Design Manifesto Event

The Food & Design Manifesto of The DIFD will kick-off at this year's Dutch Design Week. Make sure you are there to explore the question of “what design can do for food” together with us.

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