Manifesto Map illustration by Su Hyun Park

The Food & Design Manifesto Event

The Food & Design Manifesto of The DIFD will kick-off at this year's Dutch Design Week. Make sure you are there to explore the question of “what design can do for food” together with us.


This year The DIFD has welcomed 11 international correspondents who have all submitted a brief statement on their ideas of what design can do for food: Josephine Abou Abdo, Emilie Baltz, Tina Breidi, Chieri Higa, Ines Lauber, Albert Marti, Richard Mitchell, Su Hyun Park, Pedro Reissig, Nataly Restrepo, Yunwen “tutu” Tu. Taking these as a starting point we aim to create an inclusive and global vision, resulting in the Food & Design Manifesto.

“The issue with food and design is that many people don’t know what it is exactly. That’s why this manifesto is a great starting point, a way to have all our voices together, making the intangible tangible and showing that we are a global movement linking many people from different fields together.”
– Marije Vogelzang

We are excited to invite you to the Food & Design Manifesto Event of The Dutch Institute of Food and Design! It will take place on the 26th October 2018 from 15.00 – 17.00 in the Witte Dame on the 1st floor (opposite the library) at Emmasingel 20, Eindhoven. This event is open for designers, entrepreneurs, researchers and policymakers who are involved in food and design and would like to join us in exploring “What design can do for food”. After this kickstart at the Dutch Design Week, the Food & Design Manifesto will be growing, digested and changing: we will collect insights and visions world wide in cooperation with What Design Can Do.

At the event you will have the chance to work closely together with other food and design related people from different areas of expertise in hands-on workshops, thinking together, making new connections and gaining inspiration. As seats are limited, please RSVP with us at in advance. The event is part of the Micro – Embassy of Food at the Dutch Design Week, be sure to pay us a visit.

All Manifesto Map illustrations are made by Su Hyun Park.

Text by Orlando Lovell.