Interview - California

Systems Change!

Sandeep Pahuja is a Director of Business Design with the food team at the global design company IDEO. He and his colleague Sarah Codraro have recently made a new eight-part podcast mini-series asking: How might we design better food systems? The result is a highly bingeable collection of amazing initiatives for transformation and transition. In an exclusive interview for The DIFD, Sandeep talks about the practicalities of systems change from within.


Exhibition Interview - On Tour

Edible Futures on Tour

Kamiel Vorwerk is the exhibition-designer of ‘Edible Futures’, a travelling exhibition curated by the Dutch Institute of Food & Design and presented by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It asks visitors to imagine what the future of food will look like, and what role each of us might play in changing it. The DIFD asked Kamiel about how being a designer who activates and transforms spaces helps people imagine and think about different futures in food.


Interview - London, UK

Sweet Incentives

In 2016, the designer and goldsmith Kia Utzon-Frank of KUFstudios partnered with the strategist and experienced chocolatier Rafaella Baruzzo to help produce an extraordinary range of luxury cakes. Three years later they started a brand of luxury “terrazzo” chocolate bars together called BRIK. With it, they now hope to use chocolate as an education tool to understand business, creative thinking, regeneration, community and resilience.


Interview - Israel

Evolving In Vitro

The potential of the cultured meat industry is huge in that it has the potential to solve many of the ethical and environmental issues around farming animals for mass-consumption, but first of all we have to learn to accept it. Yuval Yancovitch is a recent industrial design graduate from the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel. For her final project, she designed four new lab-grown animal proteins. The DIFD asked her to tell us more about her project.


Interview - London, UK

Virtual Dinner Party

The graphic and communication designer Neeraja Dhorde hails from a rural area in the Maharashtra province in India. Through design thinking and research, her cross-cultural investigations between farm and table take us on journeys from the past into the future that she hopes will bind communities together in the process.


Interview Reading Recommendation - South Korea

Magazine F

Magazine F is a bimonthly food documentary magazine co-created by Magazine B and Baemin publishing in South Korea. This magazine helps capture a multi-faceted perspective on food, by diving into an ingredient's journey – from the origin to the table. Our Finland & Korea correspondent Su Hyun Park spoke to the magazine's editor-in-chief Eunsung Park, editorial director Sojeong Jeong and marketing manager Hyunjoo Kim, for us.


Interview - Paris

3D Cake Creations

Our Food & Space design correspondent Jashan Sippy reached out all the way from India to Russia to interview the architect who turned to pastry craft, Marie Troitskaia. Using the skills she learnt during her architecture education, Marie creates detailed illustrations of cakes before realising them in an edible form. Using 3D printing, AutoCad and other tools more frequently used in architecture than in patisserie, she has found a cross over niche to express her creativity in a unique way.


Interview - UK / France

Edible Words

In the midst of the global pandemic shut down, Maud de Rohan Willner, founder of Salty Studio UK, decided to initiate an online webinar platform about food, design and more, called "Edible Words", in order to "host online discussions that are accessible to the whole world". With a wide range of exciting panelists from around the world, Maud has created a regular online meeting place for food engaged creatives. With multiple events a week, she is giving a routine and creating a space for new inputs that do not focus on current events but rather help remind of a certain normality and exchange.


Interview - Berlin

“In the contemporary urban German foodscape, people eat badly.”

Our Food and Space correspondent, Jashan Sippy of Sugar & SPACE met Itay Novik, a Berlin-based food designer who challenges the contemporary urban foodscape through his practice, Elements of Food.


Interview - India

An experimental collaborative food and human lab

Project Otenga is a multimodal space for nurturing cross-disciplinary collaborations and creative convergence through the medium of food. The name Otenga comes from a fruit, widely popular in Assam, India. The petals of the flower which is to become this fruit, instead of shedding, start wrapping around each other and grow thicker and stronger to become the fruit. We used this as a metaphor to signify our philosophy of collaboration and transformation towards betterment. We gradually started this journey as a slow cafe with slow design principles and now we are growing as an experimental collaborative food and human lab.


Interview - Scotland

“Scottish cuisine sort of got absorbed”

'Gathered' is a photographic exploration by Jack Mercer into the people and places that are behind some of Scotland's most iconic foods and drinks. The book is the result of working with five different producers to create photographic essays that use portrait, still lifes, documentary and landscape photography to create a detailed visual representation of their work. Along with the photographs of each producer, each story ends with a recipe created by ‘That’s Yer Dinner’, a Glasgow run supper club, that showcases the produce in all its glory. Scottish correspondent Steph Marsden spoke to Jack Mercer and Grant Reekie from 'That's Yer Dinner' about the project and their collaboration.


Interview - Copenhagen

Future Food Today at SPACE10

Our Food, Design & Science correspondent Katinka Versendaal spoke to SPACE10’s editor and copywriter Polina Bachlokova about their new book 'Future Food Today', future-proof foods and how we can secure healthy and delicious food for 10 billion people.


Interview - Berlin

Food Art Week

This year's Food Art Week (FAW) Berlin will take place in August. They will be occupying Steinplatz, a public space in Berlin across from the University of the Arts (UdK), for the whole month of August, with greenhouses which are used as spaces for art installations and educational practice. We talked to Taina Guedes about her motivation and ambitions for the FAW this year.


Interview - South Africa

The Insect Experience

South Africa’s first insect café, The Insect Experience, opened this month in Woodstock in Cape Town. Our Food, Design & Culture correspondent Hannerie Visser, from Studio H, asked Leah Bessa, one of the founders, a few questions about creating food with insects, and the response from their customers.


Interview - Berlin

Interview with Linda Lezius

Our Food and Space correspondent, Jashan Sippy of Sugar & SPACE, chatted with Berlin-based Linda Lezius of Wild & Root. Her advice to fellow food designers is “to value our own work, before other people can see its value”.


Interview - Barcelona

The Future of Personalized Gastronomy

Our Food, Empathy and Design correspondent Lotte Meeuwissen is based in Barcelona and shares her passion throughout Spain. She recently started collaborating with Basque Culinary Center and interviewed Estefanía Simón-Sasyk, Usune Etxeberria and Daniel Riveong about their latest event “Towards Personalized Gastronomy: Euskadi 2050”. This event was initiated by Project Gastronomia, a global network of culinary enthusiasts that reflect with an innovative mind on the future of our food systems.


Interview - Lebanon

“The chefs are women that come from the various villages of Lebanon.”

Kamal Mouzawak, a Lebanese food activist, has been using food as a medium to bring people together for years. He founded the first local weekly producers-only farmer's market called Souk el Tayeb that was launched in 2004, and later Tawlet, which opened in 2009. Tawlet, which means "table" in Arabic, is located in the heart of Beirut, is a restaurant that serves traditional Lebanese lunch that varies every day. The chefs are women that come from the various villages of Lebanon, each bringing with them their traditional recipe and cooking experience to the city and visitors.


Interview - Spain

“Food is part of an experience”

Our correspondent Ishpreet Batra interviewed Alexa Trilla, a food designer from Lleida in Spain. She is the creator of Archicookture and defines herself as an “Archicooktect.” Alexa is creative, curious and extremely passionate about mixing gastronomy with other kinds of skills and knowledge.


Interview - By the sea

The taking and giving of land and sea

European designer Ruth Kluckers is a recent graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven. A vegetarian since she was 6, she used spend time on organic farms as a child where she learnt early on about food. While studying in the Man and Food Department she did her internship at the Cornish Seaweed Company in the UK, where she lived in a friend's van. This became her main inspiration for her ongoing project 'A Drive For Seaweed'.


Interview - Cape Town

Nude Foods

Tina Breidi, our South Africa correspondent, went to interview NUDE FOODS, a great example of how design can shape our food behavior and trigger new habits. NUDE FOODS tackles our plastic waste issue by offering new models that alter our weekly choices and practices around food.