Essay - Barcelona

From Barcelona, a Surrealist Approach to Food and Design

In 1928, Salvador Dalí stated: “Joan Miró knows the way to limpidly section the yolk of an egg in order to appreciate the astronomical course of a hair.”


Essay - Mexico

The Real Cost of #Foodies

Make it Instagrammable! This is what I hear every time I speak with chefs, designers, or any other creative person working in the food industry. If you’ve ever gone down the rabbit hole of hashtags like #foodporn with over 104 million images, #foodie with 47 million or #foodgasm 21 million, you won’t be surprised when I say the "food-grammer" generation might be contributing to the food crisis. In the developed world, we are constantly pinballing between 2 controversial trends: one that celebrates indulgence and fullness, and another one that centers around frugality, control and consciousness. However, in an era of dodgy influencers and abuse of media as social currency, we might ask ourselves if this food-grammer craze is leading us to a cliff’s edge with its fake abundance.

Volumes by Marije Vogelzang

Volumes by Marije Vogelzang


Essay - The Netherlands

What can food designers learn from behaviour scientists (and the other way around)?

This is a call to designers to dive into the world of behavioural sciences. Especially for food designers, applying insights into why people behave in a certain way will take your design multiple steps further. Yes, we as designers already do research ourselves, but I found that it happens in a different way than how social psychologists do their studies. So let’s see what they know, how they do it and let’s learn from them.