Reading Recommendation N°1

Writing on Food & Design: “MOLD Magazine”

In this new review series about publications that write about food and/or food and design, we have asked our international correspondents to share their most inspiring publications with us! The first to share her food and design reading recommendations is our Food & Experience correspondent Maud de Rohan Willner.

MOLD Magazine is an online magazine exploring design for the future of food. They also have a print magazine, publishing twice a year a thick collection of very interesting articles on innovative topics. The most recent issue was focused on designing for the senses: “Issue 04 probes the ways that designing for all the senses can lead to embracing the ingredients, flavors, experiences and routines needed to address the coming food crisis. From understanding how the science of our multisensory wiring is fundamental to unlocking environmental and gustatory diversity to a blueprint for designing a truly sustainable, hyper-regional food ecology built on flavor, we focus on geography the shifting nature of our relationship with the built and natural environment.”

We question the philosophical underpinnings surrounding the hierarchy of the senses and celebrate the joy of eating with the hand while examining how the current landscape of human-computer interaction research that will quantify and amplify our capacity to taste.”

They have a huge selection of articles to read on their online website too, categorised into “space”, “visual”, “object”, “process”, and “event”. This website is a great tool to keep up to date with the most recent projects, designs and happenings around the world in food & design. Once you start browsing, you will find it hard not to to keep clicking onto every single article!

You can get your copy here.


Reading recommendation by Maud de Rohan Willner, founder of Salty Studio UK