Bug ice cream by Gourmet Grubb

“Insects require no physical space and very little food.”

Gourmet Grubb is a brand-new food company based in Cape Town with an age-old idea - insects as a food source.

Leah Bassa food scientist and founder of Gourmet Grubb is challenging the way we think about eating insects. Insects already made a relevant appearance into the food scene with fried insects in stir-fries, cricket flour in pasta or powdered insects in health bars. But Leah thinks that there are many more exciting and inviting ways to introduce insects to the Western world and to make it less of an exotic experience and more of a “normal” food product part of our daily diets.

This is where EntoMilk™ was born. The name comes from the term ‘Entomophagy’, which is the practice of eating insects. EntoMilk™ is a dairy alternative made from insects, that is rich, creamy, five time higher in protein than regular dairy and remarkably environmentally friendly.

Farming insects is way more ethical and sustainable compared to livestock farming. Insects require no physical space and very little food. They present a very high capacity of reproduction. They do not release greenhouse gases and require very little energy farming them. Insect breeding is not cruel, but actually caters to their natural habitat and behaviour.

“Forget what you think you know about insects as a food source"

During the Design Indaba Festival, I met Leah at her exhibition, which was part of the Emerging Creative Programme. I tasted the different ice creams she created based on the EntoMilk™ product: chai latte, peanut butter and chocolate… I was very surprised how they all tasted, interestingly delicious with absolute absence of an insect-y taste. Leah told me: “Forget what you think you know about insects as a food source, and embrace the exciting potential of this new-age, yet ancient food ingredient.” 

Leah and her team’s future goal is to extend their variety of food items ranging from cheese and yoghurt to other specialty products. They want to make them more accessible and easy for people to adopt in their daily diet, and to help change the mindset around insects as a food source.

Gourmet Grubb is a substantial food solution responding to three of our global issues: a smaller footprint on nature, alternative protein sources, and the protection of animals from exploitation.


Article written by our South Africa correspondent Tina Breidi