"By Hand" by Giulia Soldati

Get your hands dirty at this year’s Salone in Milan.

"By Hand" is a culinary experience resulting from the research of designer Giulia Soldati, who uses food as a tool to explore the relationship with our body, whilst trying to trigger new behaviors and question our beliefs.

With this project Giulia Soldati redefines the ritual of dining so that it is entirely served and consumed by hands. Being a wonderful tool for tactile perception, the hand becomes the protagonist of the culinary act, a primordial tool with which to rediscover the ingredients through a more authentic and immediate contact with what we eat. 

The sense of touch allows us to perceive the consistency, structure and temperature of food even before it reaches the mouth, becoming a sensorial celebration of food and the act of eating. During the culinary experience new gestures are introduced: the hand guides and directs food, creating a choreography of sensory movements and stimuli.

Giulia Soldati, preparing the tables

"Mangiamaccheroni", photo by YenAn Chen

The experience begins with a common ritual of washing hands with water and lime, continuing with the spontaneous and genuine gesture of the “Scarpetta” and continuing with twirling spaghetti between the fingers, like the “Mangiamaccheroni” of 1800.

The last touch of the experience is given by Giulia Soldati herself, who, accompanied by the chef Tommaso Buresti, guides the guests in the experience, transforming the action of eating into a new gestural choreography of the body.

The event will consist of a 3 course lunch, taking place every day from 8th April to 12th April, from 13.00 to 14.00 in the new food District in Sarpi area: DFood. The entry is free but registration is needed, so book your tickets for the 9th April, 10th April, 11th April or 12th April here!