Have a look at Food Revolution 5.0

Edible Growth by Chloe Rutzerveld

Food Revolution 5.0: speculation and discussion on future food and living

The Food Revolution 5.0 is now on show in Berlin at the Kunstgewerbemuseum. Our German correspondent Ines Lauber takes a look and tells us what to expect.

In the current Food Revolution 5.0 exhibition in Berlin more than 30 designers address the topic of the future of food. The exhibition gives insights and thought-provoking impulses. It opens up questions to rethink our way of eating and the way we produce and consume food. It points out facts and circumstances of how climate change and agriculture, food and politics are related. And it gives room to a playground of wild ideas of what our future of food could look like.

"It gives room to a playground of wild ideas of what our future of food could look like."

Entering the museum campus of the Kulturforum, you are welcomed by a temporary urban garden installation: fruit trees, nurtured with artificial nutrients through a intravenous drip bag, along with boxes full of herbs and other small edible plants, inviting the visitor to relax and harvest.

The exhibition itself is clustered into four themes. You start the tour with future farm scenarios – what will farming look like? Will we be able to make farming both efficient and sustainable? Or will we have to invent new foods that suit our new lifestyle?

From the farm, you move on to the table. During the past years our eating habits have changed tremendously – fast food, street food, snacking, no more fixed eating hours or family dinners, overeating versus hunger. Will we develop new tools, rituals and ways of eating?

In the market section, ways of distribution are discussed and questioned. How are politics linked to our trading systems? Will we re-establish local markets? What about robots – will they handle future markets and distribution?

Paul Gong, Human Hyena, 2014, Photo: Andrew Kan

Officina Corpuscoli, Maurizio Montalti, System Synthetics, 2011

Finally, you arrive in the kitchen, where different ways of food preparation and ingredients are introduced. Ranging from craft and tradition inspired designs to lab-like food tools and new food products.

As it’s presented the future can be diverse and is yet to be defined. Food Revolution 5.0 touches a broad scale of food-related topics and challenges you to re-think your eating habits.

The question remains: how do YOU want to eat in the future? Think about it, but even more: eat and by doing so, shape our future of food.

Text by our German correspondent Inés Lauber.

The exhibition includes works by Martí Guixe, Ton Matton, Chloé Rutzerveld, Werner Aisslinger, Julia Lohmann, Marije Vogelzang, Maurizio Montalti, Austin Stewart, Johanna Schmeer, Silke Riechert, and Carolin Schulze.

The exhibition Food revolution 5.0 will be on show until September 30th 2018 at the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin and will travel to Gewerbemuseum Winterthur in Switzerland where it will be exhibited from December 2nd to April 28th 2019.