The new Archicooktect

“Food is part of an experience”

Our correspondent Ishpreet Batra interviewed Alexa Trilla, a food designer from Lleida in Spain. She is the creator of Archicookture and defines herself as an “Archicooktect.” Alexa is creative, curious and extremely passionate about mixing gastronomy with other kinds of skills and knowledge.

How did you start your journey in the field of food and design?

I’m an art, design and food enthusiast. I grew up among plates, pans, floor plans and sketches. When I began studying architecture, all of the information related to space, volumes and colors fascinated me, but I did not have enough. The construction aspect of the course was too slow, and I began to study food design to create ephemeral food experiences.

I felt that I had notions of cooking from my family, but I wanted to understand a broader range of techniques and I expanded my studies in cooking and became a master in chocolate.  That helped me to be able to work from a lot of aspects related to my passions. I looked for studies and jobs abroad, and I spent my vacations traveling around the world, discovering cultures, ingredients and meeting new people. Being in love with different cultures and understanding my desire to unite all my passions and experiences, I started to define myself as “archicooktect.” The definition of archicooktect includes any common aspect between space, light and the senses.

What has been your favorite food and design project so far?  

It is difficult to choose a single project. Each one has many stories behind it, as well as people and memories. But if I had to choose one, it would be the “Catalan Cream” project I did while I was living in Milano. It was one of my first projects and I was asked to explain a typical dessert from my country, without using words or drawings. I wanted to explain the process, the ingredients and all the feelings that the Catalan Cream dessert represents for us. At the same time I wanted people to approach it in a fun and easy way. I created an event to teach the recipe and from there a video, summarized in this  image:

All in all, the act of creating unique gastronomic experiences in which all the senses are involved is the hallmark of being an archicooktect. Colors and light are involved with the sense of sight, music in the sense of hearing, different textures play with the sense of touch, flora and the food products with the sense of smell, and last but not least, taste!

MIGNARDISES: bamboo tableware and pastries for a Japanese event

CERAMICS: a plate for a dessert made with milk, almonds and vanilla

How do you see the future of food and design in Spain?

Here there is a tradition deeply rooted in culture and customs. It is difficult to change the customs when I believe that the original roots are already good. Even if I do not think one should necessarily change traditions, one should be open minded and welcome new projects from new generations.

I like food and design, as long as the food is not lost on the way. All the senses have to be part of the experience, and sometimes it is easy to get lost just in the visual part. I think that food and design is changing the experience and act of eating in an incredible way. The new techniques, instruments and technology are opening and connecting gourmets from all over the world, and that will be the future of food and design everywhere, not just Spain. 

What, according to you, is the best food and design example and why? 

It is difficult for me to choose the best food and design example. Food is part of an experience, you can share it with people or with yourself, but it is important to appreciate the value of the products and know their histories. Each ingredient is special in itself, and it is interesting to discover a world full of new experiences by mixing them with other products. You can create magic with food. Although if I have to choose a single brilliant idea, it would be lollipops. 



Read more about Alexa Trilla on her website, LinkedIn or Instagram.
This interview was conducted by our correspondent Ishpreet Batra.