Food Art Week

This year's Food Art Week (FAW) Berlin will take place in August. They will be occupying Steinplatz, a public space in Berlin across from the University of the Arts (UdK), for the whole month of August, with greenhouses which are used as spaces for art installations and educational practice. We talked to Taina Guedes about her motivation and ambitions for the FAW this year.

What’s this year’s Food Art Week theme and how does it compare to the last years?

Every year I choose a different topic to research and explore at Food Art Week. The first year, 2015, we discovered different connections food, art and sustainability could make together. The second year, we explored the topic of Food Waste and its impact in our planet. The year after, meat production and consumption. Last year, sugar, and its impact in our health, in the environment, in people’s and animal’s lives. This year, we are investigating how our food production affects our water. 

How do you go about setting up the annual Food Art Week in Berlin?

After talking to the president of the Berliner water company, and figuring out that actually we both have the same “enemies” – the meat and food industries – I’ve decided that this should be definitely the topic of this year Food Art Week. I have been working with students from different countries on this since a year and a half. I am working with Amadeus Lindemann, Prof. María José García and students of Friedensburg OS, on a movie about water and food, which aims to be an educational video, available for free download to all schools, kindergarten and people interested in educating others on this topic.

Who will you be working with this year and how does it affect theme?

In January this year, I brought together an amazing team to create the year campaign. One of the greatest artist and photographer of our times, Almagul Menlibayaeva, who is an award-winning contemporary artist who works mostly in multi-channel video, photography and mixed media installation. She agreed on working on this with us. While doing research about the food production/ consumption and its impact on water, I came across articles relating fashion and water pollution, as well. Both industries are polluting water, and both are driven by consumers. So consumers have the power to affect change. That was one of the reasons why I choose working with Almagul, which uses fashion in her work in a very powerful way. And that is also the reason why the campaign looks like a fashion editorial. I thought, it would be great thing to use the same tools fashion industry and advertising use to sell us things that destroy our planet, to spread the opposite idea.


FAW Year’s Campaign Team:
Photo: Almagul Menlibayaeva
Production: Camila Soares
Make up: Cecil Maker
Assistant of photography: Yoni Nimrod
Original Idea: Tainá Guedes
Swimwear: Phylyda


Read more about the Food Art Week on their website.