Food for thought beyond fast and tasty

Deep Food

Deep Food is an initiative by Cindy Chan and Heinrik Ng, which explores food design as a thought-provoking medium from an Asian perspective. Through creating various food design experiments ranging from tableware design, tasting events and tea gatherings, the team uses food as a medium to inspire discussion on a range of cultural and philosophical topics.

Deep Food sees enormous potential for creating “edible experiences” through design.  While some global food trends include a hype around posting food experiences on social media, growing mindfulness of food health, and increasing demand for food sustainability- Deep Food envisions that design can play a role in a growing awareness of food.

In light of these opportunities, how can food and eating experience become a medium for “deep thinking”? Deep Food has been creating various projects to answer this question, for example, “The Stone of Origin”, a set of sandstone tableware that reminds people the origin of food. Or “The School of Baos”, an interactive booth that invites visitors to think and express their value around the wellness of food, and “The Dialogue of 300 Years”, a tea gathering to interact with canton-porcelain craft through a Chinese floral dessert. Deep Food will continue to create experimental projects to explore the role of food and design. 

"Each stone comes with a fictional story detailing the legacy of these “creatures” spanning over millions of years"

The Stone of Origin 

The Stone of Origin is a cross-over between the food design team “Deep Food” and the Cambodian stoneware brand “Unsign”. It aims to trace the atomic origin of food consumed nowadays and to celebrate the long journey that food has taken to exist in its current form. The project designs tablewares made of sandstone. Each stone comes with a fictional story detailing the legacy of these “creatures” spanning over millions of years. These stone creatures act as a metaphor for food substances we consumed every day. The design allows its audience to view food as a matter that has taken millions of years to form, as much as the formation of stones. The design encourages the audience to appreciate and treasure food from a new angle.

The School of Baos

The Dialogue of 300 Years

The School of Baos

The School of Bao is a booth at the annual market faire of School of Everyday Life. The market faire has a theme about the wellness related to food, thus the School of Bao is an educational booth that invites visitors to think and express the value of food wellness in their understanding. The booth invites visitors to share their food wellness value through the making of edible essays: essays that are composed of Chinese bao in different shape, colour and taste to carry any meaning the visitor wants to communicate. The experience of making edible essays is like ordering Dim Sum in Cantonese Tea House, visitors can order baos in various shape, colour and taste with an ordering sheet. The sheet also guides the visitors to transform their values into the qualities of Chinese baos.


The Dialogue of 300 Years

The Dialogue of 300 Years is a tea gathering that celebrates traditional Chinese craft and discusses new development of traditions. In the experience, three courses of Chinese floral dessert are served on canton-porcelainware. Since both the sweet osmanthus desserts and the porcelain craft have 300 years of history, the three courses of dessert each tell a story about the past, present, and future of the traditional Chinese craft. This project is a collaboration with canton-porcelain craftsman Dixon Ngai.


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