Manifesto - Netherlands

“What can design do for food?”

Food and design is a relatively new, unarticulated space in design. Because of this, as a unifying platform for those working in this space, it is important for us to acknowledge that many people in this field are still considering how to articulate their identity to those functioning outside of our field. This is why the Dutch Institute of Food & Design is creating a manifesto. We want to communicate better to people unfamiliar with food and design the ideas behind what we do. The manifesto is a place to collect intentions and to record the process of a growing and changing platform. It will contain opinions, questions, speculations, and contradictions. Our manifesto will grow and change continuously and help to serve as a representative of the aims and aspirations of the DIFD and the people it represents. 


Manifesto - Eindhoven

The Food & Design Manifesto

What can design do for food? This is the key question of The Food & Design Manifesto. This collection of world wide visions is not static. Like food. It will be living, decaying, blossoming and spreading seeds just like food does.