Exhibition Interview - On Tour

Edible Futures on Tour

Kamiel Vorwerk is the exhibition-designer of ‘Edible Futures’, a travelling exhibition curated by the Dutch Institute of Food & Design and presented by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It asks visitors to imagine what the future of food will look like, and what role each of us might play in changing it. The DIFD asked Kamiel about how being a designer who activates and transforms spaces helps people imagine and think about different futures in food.


Exhibition - Dresden, Germany

Future Food

Unable to visit in person, our Germany correspondent Inés Lauber talked online to the curator Viktoria Krason from the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, about her current exhibition “Future Food. What will we eat tomorrow?”. This broad-ranging show considers how we can adapt to feed a global population under climate change; addresses appalling inequalities behind trade practices; looks at how choice can leave a bad taste in the mouth and puts interesting future food scenarios on the table.


Exhibition - Berlin

The story of Food in Photography

The exhibition 'Food for the eyes: The story of Food in Photography', was on show this summer at the C/O Berlin. Our Germany correspondent Inés Lauber reviewed it for us, as she was taken on a journey through both the history of food photography as well as the development of food culture. "The exhibition shows how broad the topics can be, since both themes are already so rich in themselves. It is about more than just food photography, as one can see society mirrored in many facettes throughout the exhibition."

NEMO; Voedsel van Morgen


Exhibition - Amsterdam

Future Food Exhibition

Our Food, Design & Empathy correspondent, Lotte Meeuwissen, visited the new exhibition "Future Food" at the 'NEMO de Studio' in Amsterdam. Questions such as 'What will you be having for breakfast, lunch or dinner in 2050?', 'Where will this food be sourced?', 'And how will it be prepared?' drive this speculative exhibition. Lotte talked to the curator Chloé Rutzerveld about the visitor experience and Chloé's visions of our food future.


Exhibition - Vitra Campus, Weil am Rhein

Food Shaping Kyoto

Our Japan correspondent Chieri Higa wrote about the Vitra exhibition "Food Shaping Kyoto" about Japanese food culture, exhibited at Weil am Rhein during Art Basel. She is currently finishing her research residency in Okinawa with her grandmother, learning the traditional recipes, ingredients and ways of cooking of the old Ryukyu kingdom, and its changes up to present day.


Exhibition - London

Food: Bigger than the Plate

If someone would ask us to think about food, what pops into our minds is probably something linked to the moment of eating–either the pleasure of sharing a meal, or simply something that allows us to subsist. Food is something we put into our body every day, but even if we perhaps don’t realize it, our relationship with it goes way beyond just being a need or the mere action of eating. As the new exhibition 'Food: Bigger than the Plate' at the V&A in London, co-curated by Catherine Flood and May Rosenthal Sloan aims to prove, "What we eat is one of the most important decisions we make every day." Are we aware of what we are inserting into our bodies, where it is coming from and the implications of our consumption?


Exhibition - Germany

Spectacular centrepieces redesigned

Design students from Berlin and Copenhagen invite to the table at Schloss Pillnitz, where they are exhibiting their innovative centrepieces designed to evoke dialogue.


Exhibition - Canada

An exhibition about the future of food

The Dutch Institute of Food & Design is opening a new interactive design exhibition on the future of food, presented by the Dutch Embassy in Canada. Called "Edible Futures," it will debut in Ottawa, Canada this week, on the 27th of April. The exhibition will continue to travel to Vancouver in September and Toronto in January. Visitors will be actively involved from the moment they walk in, when they are asked to choose the role of 'consumer,' or that of 'producer.' Each role is accompanied by an audio story that adds a second layer of reality to the experience of walking through the exhibit.


Exhibition - Eindhoven

All Things Microbial: Edible Invisible Exhibition

At this years' Dutch Design Week 2018, The DIFD was present with an exhibition about a very important - invisible - part of food: microbes. Around 6000 visitors visited the contributions of designers working with food and eating: Anthroponix, Hannerie Visser (Studio H), Olivia Ioannou, Roza Janusz, Ina Turinsky en Andreas Wagner, Julia Schwarz, The Eatelier, students of Design Academy Eindhoven's Food Non Food department together with Tom Loois and Maria Apud Bell. Here is an overview of all the projects exhibited and their microbial concepts as well as an interview with the curator of the exhibition: Marije Vogelzang.